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Most common site visitors questions

Who is responsible for this site?

Prefeitura Municipal de Trindade do Sul
Rua Alecrin n° 120, Bairro Centro, Trindade do Sul - RS
(54) 3541-1025

The images I found on the site are real and are in real size and up to date?

I have not found any email address on the site, what should I do to get in touch via email?

I have a suggestion or complaint. What is the best way to communicate this to those responsible for the site?

What visual resources can be downloaded by the site?

-Logotipo vetorial em formato SVG
-Logotipo em alta resolução
Obs.: não utilize nossa marca sem autorização

How do I get legal information about the website and the content on it?

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Most common questions of employees

What links and resources are specifically intended for employees?

- Webmail
- Área administrativa